Debian GNU/Linux Project Debian GNU/Linux Project

Packaging Policy

Specific things we do in addition to the standard Debian python policy.

Test Dependencies

Test dependencies should be in Suggests, this is because aptitude by default installs recommends. They would also bloat CDs and other installations. Test dependencies are also better handled by a testing framework (e.g. autopkgtest specifies them in debian/tests/control).

Setuptools "extras" in the Debian World

Namespace packages

The of the namespace packages will be included in at least one of the packages. If we include the of the namespace package in more than one package, we use diversions. The number of packages including an will be small.

Watch Files

We like watch files, a nice format of watch a file that works well in pypi:


Automated Testing

Zope does lots of automated testing. We add autopkgtest metadata to our packages so that we can run the tests against installed code. If autopkgtest tests fail, it's an RC bug